dimanche 6 juin 2010

L'ambiance à vif - XI

© p.o.v.
"I love an absence for a balance
But balance breaks and falls and no one notices
I'm above,it's like a misunderstanding
Like the rest that envelopes daily life
Representing the mind without admission,
Or by mistake.
The mistake supplies
And decomposes the construction.
Building still for a reason?
Though all reasons are nothing
And then everything disappears...

Metal stuck to the palate.
Misunderstanding for the reason.
This is more painful than that,vomiting up
The feeling of standing,against oneself
Permanent imbalance with a lump that sticks

Let's not lose this thread
That doesn't hold very much
Like a soothing resistance
Taking over every sense,
Sometimes lost like the day
Taken away by distortion of reason.
A very difficult line...
Misunderstanding and incomprehension
Together survive

Aluminium sheets like a saw,
Forming a soft petal,curved
Feeling complete like spaces full
And empty at once
Feeling sweet and rich with happiness
And reason to live for the other
Without thought for the rest of life that crushes the rest."

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