mercredi 14 juillet 2010

"Half and half"

"So much happened and I couldn't deny
That I broke your feelings with the way that I lied
So I do understand the reason you became so weak.
Oh baby you're not half the person that you used to be.

Brag your exploits down the telephone
While you scatter her images around our home
And it's strange how where you feel pride I felt only shame.
I guess it's not unusual that I took all the blame.

Did you feel as guilty when you whispered out my name?

They say it takes a while
To really mean goodbye
You say you feel confused
But I'm just feeling used.
A year of misery
Has left it's mark on me
I should've left you when
I wanted to but then.

It's never fair
It's never fair
It's never fair
It's never fair

I wish I could remove
The things I put you through
There's nothing I could change
If we began again.

But you don't have to take
Any more
Any more
Any more
Any more

I guess I'm only half the person that you thought I'd be
I'm thinking of the time when you first said that you loved me
I'm feeling like I'm half the person that I ought to be".

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