dimanche 11 juillet 2010

"The wounded"

"When you said 'It's over'
I was on the sidewalk
Dreaming I got over it

Then you tried to move in
Anywhere I wasn't around
Every time you speak you brake me

And every time I rang your doorbell you were gone
Cos' everything we knew was wrong
You broke in time to taste your life
I refused to let you go

Will you set your phone on fire
With its secrets in it
So we can just try
To be safe from them
Cos' we are fucked up all the time

Every place we drove
Any song we learned
All those meals we enjoyed
Watching videos
Those we rented
We rose and fell
But trust me on this dear
Don't you five up on me
The less I loved you the more you needed me
The more I miss you the more you hate me
Why don't you turn around and look me in the eye
Now that we've joined all the wounded."

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